June 19, 2024
Maximize Efficiency with Supply and Demand Planning Analytics for JD Edwards

Today, according to Allied Market Research on Supply Chain Management, only 6% of companies claim to have full visibility into their supply chain. Furthermore, their 2023 report claims that organizations can double profits by reducing supply chain costs. This indicates that most companies can stand to make a lot more money if they are able to increase transparency through better access to supply chain information and more efficient processes. At Preferred Strategies, we’ve been helping manufacturing companies that run JD Edwards gain visibility into their supply chain processes since 2002 with our QuickLaunch for JDE solution. The latest QuickLaunch product

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November 03, 2023
QuickLaunch for Vista Release Notes: Payroll Detail, Equipment Maintenance, Warranty Details and Much More!

We’re always looking to make improvements here at Preferred Strategies and lately, we’ve been busy! Vista Release Notes is our blog series that showcases recent product improvements to help you stay up to date on what’s new.

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June 29, 2023
Power BI Updates for Enterprise Analytics: Q2 2023 – Part 1

As we move towards the holiday season, let’s review what the Power BI team has been up to over the summer and early fall of 2023.

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AN ERP system connecting all other aspects of business.
October 20, 2022
ERP Data: Are You Using It or Just Collecting It?

Many companies never touch the majority of the data they collect because it’s locked up deep in their Enterprise Resource Planning Data (ERP). ERP is software your organization can use to manage its day-to-day business activities. These activities include accounting, project management, compliance, procurement, risk management, and supply chain operations. Your ERP can track activities that naturally occur in your business. This software can coordinate the flow between all these activities with the data it collects, often in real-time. Most companies’ ERP collects information that can increase productivity, cut costs, and identify bottlenecks, and they are not utilizing it. Join

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October 12, 2022
Preferred Strategies Invites JD Edwards Users to Take a QuickLaunch Test Drive

Silicon Valley-based software reporting, analytics, and business intelligence company expands and enhances its QuickLaunch product line to meet increasing marketplace demand.

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Acceleration gap ahead warning sign.
October 06, 2022
The Acceleration Gap: Is Your Organization Adapting to Change

How would you like to decrease the amount of money your organization spends? Or what about increasing productivity while having happy employees at the same time? It’s all possible if your organization is structured in a way that allows it to adapt to change. These days, most employees are experiencing burnout. Meanwhile, the power of technology to allow a business to grow is increasing every day. Unfortunately, this is causing an acceleration gap, meaning the difference between the pace of technology and the ability of companies to keep up is getting farther and farther apart. This is why it is

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Team untangles data with Power BI to fuel effective decision-making.
August 31, 2022
Organizational Decision-Making: Untangling Your Data with Power BI

Effective organizational decision-making is reacting to what’s currently happening in your business utilizing data analytics. For clarity, data analytics refers to modifying raw data into a usable format. But, as any business leader can attest, having easily accessible, insightful data from disparate sources often seems like a pipe dream. James Bradshaw of Ernst & Young states, “To be truly successful, organizational leadership must agree that data is an asset worth investing in. From the boardroom to the C-suite, this focus on data and analytics driving decision making is crucial.” So, how do you untangle your data into the meaningful information

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February 18, 2022
Preferred Strategies Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Closing 2021 with Record Increases in Customer Base and Annual Revenue Growth

Silicon Valley-based software reporting, analytics, and business intelligence company expands and enhances its QuickLaunch product line to meet increasing marketplace demand.

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November 23, 2021
iShift and Preferred Strategies Partner to Enable Businesses to Make the Most of Their Enterprise Information in the Cloud

iShift and Preferred Strategies have joined forces to deliver a cloud-based implementation of Preferred Strategies’ QuickLaunch.

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