Unearth the goldmine in your NetSuite data.

The QuickLaunch for NetSuite information engine enables you to unlock and easily access your NetSuite data, removing your hurdles and frustrations and enabling you to be more informed to make strategic business decisions. QuickLaunch helps to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, gain powerful insights, and improve your competitive edge and profits.

Make your company smarter and more strategic with Power BI and QuickLaunch for NetSuite.

Being data-driven means having a transformative view of how you get your data and how you serve it to end users. Preferred Strategies makes transformation possible with QuickLaunch, a governed decision framework that exposes the potential of the data locked inside your NetSuite environment.

Leading data-driven companies transform with QuickLaunch.

Tap into decision-ready information.

Get empowered to find and use the enterprise data that is most valuable to business decision making.

Empower smarter business decisions.

Go from wondering what happened to proactively influencing business results with forward-looking information.

Gain insight to achieve business goals.

Use your data to differentiate and achieve your business goals, knowing where you stand every step of the way.

Create an Information and Knowledge Success Strategy

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One Version of Truth Best in Class Technology Foundation for Growth Speed to Insight Self Service

One Version of Truth

The QuickLauch Information Engine consists of a robust, industry-tested, and centralized framework, built with standardized methodology including thousands of calculations and key metrics based on business logic defined by you.

Best in Class Technology

Our QuickLaunch for NetSuite solution is built on the market-leading Microsoft Power BI platform offering you cutting edge visualization capabilities with Power BI while supporting live Pivot Tables in Excel and professionally formatted reports with Paginated Reports. QuickLaunch offers the perfect solution for forward-thinking companies who have strategically chosen Microsoft technologies with Office365 and Azure as their analytics platform of choice.

Foundation for Growth

Implementation of our QuickLaunch Information Engine will result in a scalable framework that will serve as the foundation for your Data Analytics and Business Intelligence journey. The platform is built to easily handle future growth and will absorb the increase in NetSuite and enterprise data volumes as your company grows and enhances its data literacy.

Speed to Insight

With over 500 years of combined Analytics, ERP, and CRM domain knowledge and more than 200,000 development hours, QuickLaunch for NetSuite is configured, customized, and deployed to your environment in a matter of weeks… quickly and easily bringing your enterprise data to life. Along with Microsoft, Preferred Strategies will lift the data literacy of you and your team by continually delivering updates, enhancements, forward-thinking innovation, and customer-exclusive education training sessions. We are passionate about building trusted relationships and like the office next door, our light is always on, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

Self Service

The QuickLaunch for NetSuite solution empowers leaders and business users with near real-time, easy to digest data across all sources within your company … eliminating the need to make strategic decisions based on gut, waiting days or weeks for historical data, and freeing overburdened IT resources to work on more important, strategic projects.

Succeed with Your Data

To be successful and competitive in today’s landscape you need to easily access, digest, and utilize your companies’ data … across all your sources. Our QuickLaunch solution will quickly and easily bring your enterprise data to life creating a single, structured dataset for Power BI, uncovering critical insights and trends, empowering strategic decision making, and ultimately empowering you to meet and exceed your profitability goals.

How QuickLaunch can propel your company to the next level.

Drill Down to Transaction Details

Develop confidence in your analytics and find the answers to your questions by being able to drill down to the transaction details without needing to run a separate report (or waiting until you are back in the office).

Time Based Measures

Find new insights (correlations, trends, outliers) by easily toggling the report values between month to date, quarter to date, and year to date.

Comparative Measures

Add depth to the analysis by comparing actual values to prior year and current budget. Use tooltips to provide additional insight using pre-built measures like variance to prior year or budget.

"Throughout the entire process, Preferred Strategies has been a true partner to us for our data warehousing and reporting needs."

Sean Browning, Manager of Business Analytics, Haskell

"QuickLaunch and the Power Platform enable our digital and finance teams to work together towards the common goal of making informed decisions and optimizing enterprise reporting and analysis."

Alex Groberman, AltaGas

"Using Preferred Strategies and Power BI, MFA Oil Company expects to see a tremendous improvement in operations...This will have a tremendously positive impact in reducing the workload in IT."

Matt Boyce, MFA Oil Company

"Preferred Strategies has been instrumental to our success and I can’t speak highly enough of Preferred Strategies team members. We get responses to our questions in minutes, and their skills and expertise are nothing short of exceptional."

Todd Wilson, Former CIO, Clif Bar & Company

How it works


Data Preparation

Data Dictionary

Translation of NetSuite Data:
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Optimized Data Store Packages (SSIS)
  • Additional Data Sources

Data Modeling

Data Governance

Single Version of Truth:
  • Data Security
  • Metrics Governance
  • Financial Account Hierarchies
  • Measures and KPIs
  • Perspectives and Relationships
  • User Defined Fields

Data Delivery

Instant Analysis Visualization

Business Impact:
  • Build NetSuite reports in minutes
  • Sample Reports and Templates for every perspective
  • Paginated Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.)
  • Excel Templates

The Preferred Strategies Difference

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Leveraging Power BI

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