Why Trust Preferred Strategies?

We help organizations realize the full value of their data in Power BI within weeks.

To be successful and competitive in today’s landscape, organizations need to easily access, consume, and digest corporate-wide data and information. QuickLaunch consolidates data quickly and easily from disparate sources into a single, structured dataset for Power BI.

Most people think we are a reporting and analytics company, but in reality, we are a Data Transformation company. We are in the decision-making business, and our QuickLaunch Information Engine will enable you to make informed, strategic business decisions, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and gain powerful insights into future opportunities…. ultimately making your company more profitable and competitive.


Speed to Insight

The QuickLaunch Information Engine is engineered for speed, reliability, safety, and maintainability. Your data is the fuel that feeds our engine, information is the output, better decisions are the result, and a competitive advantage and the highest level of success is the outcome.


We’ve gotten a three-year head start on our digital transformation journey by taking the modern BI approach with Preferred Strategies, instead of relying on a more traditional — and more time consuming and expensive — approach.”

Bill Sandblom, International Group Inc.

Self Service

With near real-time Data available 24/7/365, you can find answers WHEN you want, analyze data and construct reports & dashboards HOW you want, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, on ANY DEVICE.


IT and business users save a lot of time because the users can get the answers themselves. IT doesn’t need to spend weeks developing and updating reports any more. Now we can focus on other key IT projects.”

Tom Langell, Former IT Director, Mann Packing

One Version of Truth

QuickLaunch is easily accessible by all employees, but rights and roles are secured by IT. This results in governed and validated data across all your included corporate data sources, delivering total confidence in your business decisions. Become more agile with a leaner approach to analytics by reducing the volume and duplication of data that you need to extract; shrinking the number of reports you develop and improving the consistency of information shared throughout your organization.

Best in Class Technology

Microsoft is committed to infusing AI technologies throughout the entire platform to create an innovative analytics experience. Partnering with Microsoft and Preferred Strategies will enable you to receive newly released functionality and updates each month to enhance performance allowing you to benefit from true, forward thinking, innovation.


The combination of QuickLaunch and Power BI is the best thing I have seen in 30 years of JDE reporting. Everyone is more efficient, our jobs are easier, and we can focus on the really important projects.”

Jeff Cook, Former CFO, Mann Packing
Microsoft Power BI is a Consistent Leader of Analytics and Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms

Foundation for Growth

Our commitment to innovation, ongoing training, and education will encourage companywide adoption, and is one of the reasons our customers agree that QuickLaunch has been a gamechanger for their company. We don’t shy away from what is hard, we come right for it, and we succeed!


Preferred Strategies has been instrumental to our success and I can’t speak highly enough of their team members. We get responses to our questions in minutes, and their skills and expertise are nothing short of exceptional.”

Todd Wilson, Former CIO, Clif Bar & Company

The QuickLaunch Information Engine

Your data is the fuel that powers the engine.

Input = hard to access, cryptic decentralized data across all sources.

QuickLaunch Information Engine

Engineered for speed (performance), reliability (confidence), safety (governance), and maintainability (standardization).

Competitive advantage and corporate wide success is the outcome.

Output = easily digestible information, critical insights, trends, and correlations that empower strategic decision-making.

And that’s not all...

Maximize your Power BI investment.

Realize the full power of Microsoft’s magic quadrant-leading Power BI solution. Report designs and dashboards put business-critical data instantly into the hands of time-starved executive level decision makers.

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“This is nirvana! We accomplished more with QuickLaunch and Power BI in five hours than we have with other systems in years.”

Jeff Cook, Mann Packing

Join the QuickLaunch Community.

Join a community of QuickLaunch users who share your drive to become data-driven. The QuickLaunch Community is a place where you can find details on upcoming events, research a specific topic or brush up on your skills in the Academy.

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Be guided by our dedicated customer success team.

Benefit from training and support from Preferred Strategies customer success and support team.

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“I have a great working relationship with the team and they are very knowledgeable and helpful and are able to resolve all issues that we encounter within a timely manner.”

Rana Supra, Bell-Carter Foods, LLC

Access world class support.

Here when you need us. We are committed to delivering responsive support and quick turnaround times on any issues you may face.

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“I have been very pleased with the responsiveness and quality of the help we have received from Preferred Strategies.”

ATS Automation

Realize success sooner.

Forget the expensive implementation process. Get up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years. No need to build your own solution. QuickLaunch has done it for you.

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“Month-end close used to take at least a week and involve time-consuming manual processes. Now people can get the information they need whenever they want it.”

Jeff Cook, Former CFO, Mann Packing

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Journey

We’ve done all the hard work for you and now its time to reap the benefits. Schedule a solution demo to experience the innovative functionality firsthand….no strings attached.