QuickLaunch for Vista Release Notes: Payroll Detail, Equipment Maintenance, Warranty Details and Much More!

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By Ben Harrison  |  November 3, 2023

We’re always looking to make improvements here at Preferred Strategies and lately, we’ve been busy! Vista Release Notes is our blog series that showcases recent product improvements to help you stay up to date on what’s new.

The new QuickLaunch for Vista release includes several ways to expand your ERP analysis to even more business areas. We’ll explore how you can optimize payroll processes, improve work order management, and keep your accounting team happy. Get ready for Take Off!


Optimize Payroll Processes with the New Payroll Detail Prospective

In the Viewpoint Vista ERP application, payroll transactions can be initiated in multiple sub-systems such as Job Cost, Equipment Maintenance, and Service Management.  All those feed transactions to a payroll table in order to calculate deductions (like taxes) and liabilities (like vacation) in order to determine gross and net pay.

The new payroll detail perspective in QuickLaunch provides a way to analyze company payroll data including straight time, overtime, gross pay, deductions, liabilities, and net pay.  This allows aggregated and detailed analysis by a multitude of dimensions including employee, craft, class, pay type, department, job, equipment, service center, etc.

This type of payroll analysis can help you with the identification of potentially missing payroll transactions (avoiding the expense of issuing a manual check) and duplicate payroll records (in the event a timecard was inadvertently entered twice).  Research into payroll irregularities is much faster with a comprehensive enterprise data platform.


Streamline Work Order Management with Equipment Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance

Until now, the QuickLaunch for Vista equipment perspective only included work order costs and hours for completed work.  Our new Equipment Work Order and Preventative Maintenance perspective provides comprehensive insight into all work orders including future work orders (scheduled maintenance), current work orders (including those not started or assigned) and completed work orders.

Work order activity can be analyzed by counts, backlog, assignments, department, category, component technician, item, etc. to balance workload and maximize productivity. This will enable you to compare estimated versus actual costs and hours to improve performance.  Also, using extensive time-based measures, equipment managers will be able identify trends and outliers to manage and schedule assignments more effectively.


Extend Asset Life with Equipment Warranty Enhancements

Out-of-the-box, Vista is good at identifying individual warranties on a single piece of equipment but that is the extent. The latest QuickLaunch for Vista release provides broader warranty analysis capabilities including identifying remaining warranty periods or miles.

Warranty analysis by equipment, category, component, and vendor will enable you to reduce costs by optimizing product and warranty decisions.  And best of all, the new warranty functionality is an integrated addition to the existing Equipment module.



Make your Audit Teams Happy with Our New Compliance Perspective

Vista stores compliance records in three separate tables; Vendor Compliance, Purchase Order Compliance, and Subcontract Compliance.  Our compliance perspective merges these separate tables into one to provide a comprehensive view so that all compliance requirements and statuses for a vendor or contract can be seen in one glance.

This single version of compliance truth will allow AP staff to resolve invoice hold inquiries quickly and will also allow project management staff to put pressure on subcontractors and vendors before their compliance status expires which leads to risk reduction.


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