iShift and Preferred Strategies Partner to Enable Businesses to Make the Most of Their Enterprise Information in the Cloud

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By Preferred Strategies  |  November 23, 2021

Scottsdale, AZ – iShift and Preferred Strategies have joined forces to seamlessly deliver an innovative cloud-based implementation of Preferred Strategies’ QuickLauch solution.

Preferred Strategies has been an innovator and thought leader in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics space for over 20 years. The QuickLaunch solution is an Information Engine designed to help companies access data that is hard to get to and understand, and turn it into useable information so employees and leaders are equipped to make better decisions that positively impact their business. The QuickLaunch framework is built on the Microsoft Power BI platform and offers cutting edge visualization and analytics functionality across all corporate data sources. The solution allows organizations to access and use their data as a strategic asset to make informed business decisions, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs and gain powerful insights to future opportunities that ultimately make their company more profitable and competitive.

The iShift Platform is a comprehensive solution to guide businesses undergoing cloud migration. It encompasses a fully hosted and managed cloud environment and the stack of applications that meet the organization’s needs for value and profitability following the highest security standards, governance, and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

When a Preferred Strategies client approached them for guidance on best practices in setting up a cloud-based deployment of QuickLaunch, Preferred Strategies brought in iShift as a strategic partner to advise, plan, and design the right Azure cloud environment. As a Microsoft Azure partner, iShift had the knowledge, certifications, and resources to plan and set up the right cloud infrastructure. As a result of the joint project, Preferred Strategies will deploy QuickLaunch on Azure leveraging the iShift Platform.

The partnership between the two companies is determined by several factors: the shared values and uncompromising dedication to client success, the focus on transforming technological innovation into a business advantage, and the firm belief that when it comes specific competencies, it makes sense to find the experts that will complement the gaps in know-how.

According to Mark Googins, CEO of iShift, “Our teams are passionate about building long-term trusting partnerships with our clients and delivering the competitive advantage they need to grow their business, improve operational efficiencies, and increase profitability. We are very excited to build our relationship with Preferred Strategies for the long-term by offering organizations innovative cloud-based solutions that will help them turn their data into decision ready information.”

According to Adam Crigger, Founder and President of Preferred Strategies, “In today’s ever-changing business climate, organizations need to be able to access their enterprise data anywhere anytime. The cloud environment that the iShift Platform offers provides this flexibility. We are continuing our tradition of pursuing strategic partnerships to deliver modern solutions with enhanced capabilities to clients and empower businesses to realize the full potential of their ERP data.”

About Preferred Strategies

In order to be successful and competitive in today’s landscape organizations need to easily access, consume and digest corporate wide data and information. Preferred Strategies is an innovative leader in the decision-making business. Our QuickLaunch solution leads to higher data literacy and corporate wide success because our scalable platform provides customers with a governed decision framework model delivering a single source of truth across all data sources…empowering leaders to make strategic, informed and educated business decisions across the organization. We partner with companies to transform their data into meaningful information displayed in customized dashboards, KPI’s, graphs, charts, key metrics, and reports, with the ability to drill down and through the information to clearly identify insights, trends, and outliers. With hundreds of successful customer partnerships, QuickLaunch has been proven to deliver the perfect balance of user friendly and empowering, innovative functionality, near real time data access, and IT governance without the heavy lifting that competitive organizations require to take their companies to the next level of success. At Preferred Strategies we don’t shy away from what is hard, we come right for it, and we succeed! To learn more about how we can help you accomplish your business goals, visit

About iShift

iShift is a multi-cloud technology solutions company that provides cloud engineering, cloud migration, cloud management and specialized IT staffing services. Our mission is to help businesses to simplify and accelerate growth while enabling digital transformation and IT modernization. No matter where organizations are in their cloud journey, iShift can design, build, optimize and manage a future-ready multi-cloud environment, resulting in significant cost savings, increased workforce productivity, operational resilience, continuity of services, and business agility. For more information on how our offerings empower businesses through their adoption of cloud and modern technology, visit

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Preferred Strategies

Preferred Strategies is helping hundreds of JD Edwards and Viewpoint Vista customers to realize the full potential of their ERP data through the innovative Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch product.

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