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Calculating TCO of your JD Edwards Reporting & Analytics Solution

We are often asked by prospective clients if we can help articulate the impact of implementing a self-service reporting & analytics environment for JD Edwards. There are many factors to consider such as the license for the visualization tool, the license for the data environment, the data hosting environment, the number of users etc. This whitepaper will help you understand the costs surrounding a reporting and analytics environment beyond the licensing.

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JD Edwards Reporting & Analytics Survey Highlights

We conducted a survey of JD Edwards users with a focus on their respective reporting and analytics environments. Access this whitepaper to see a summary of our survey results and conclusions.

Governance & Security in a Self-Service Data Environment

Business user self-service access to JDE data for reporting and analysis promises faster insights and a reduction in workload for IT. However, this must be achieved under a governance and security policy. Read how this can be achieved with QuickLaunch.


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