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The QuickLaunch Information Engine transforms cryptic ERP and CRM data resulting in increased efficiencies, profitability, and corporate wide success.

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Organizations partnering with Preferred Strategies easily analyze and digest dynamic data across all parts of their business in a simplified, meaningful manner…leading to true insight, identifying trends over time, and empowering strategic decision-making on all future endeavors.

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"Preferred Strategies has been instrumental to our success and I can’t speak highly enough of Preferred Strategies team members. We get responses to our questions in minutes, and their skills and expertise are nothing short of exceptional."

Todd Wilson, Former CIO, Clif Bar & Company

"It takes about 10 minutes to train each new user. We are getting more and more requests for access to Power BI every day."

Tom Langell, Former IT Director, Mann Packing

"Until you start looking at your data in a graphical way, you will not fully understand the data that you have. It’s just numbers until you can see the trends in the data and you only really see that when you see your data graphically."

BJ Cail, Brasfield & Gorrie

"The combination of QuickLaunch and Power BI is the best thing I have seen in 30 years of JDE reporting. Everyone is more efficient, our jobs are easier, and we can focus on the really important projects."

Jeff Cook, Former CFO, Mann Packing

"We've gotten a three-year head start on our digital transformation journey by taking the modern BI approach with Preferred Strategies, instead of relying on a more traditional - and more time consuming and expensive - approach."

Bill Sandblom, The International Group, Inc

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