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SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP3 Release – What’s New?

September 19, 2016   |   By David Kettinger

Explore the new features of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP3 release and find out how they can assist your JD Edwards reporting efforts.


Breakthroughs in JD Edwards Reporting with Integrated User-Friendly Tools from Microsoft

May 24, 2016   |   By David Kettinger

Would you like to develop your own JD Edwards reports, queries, and dashboards without hours of work, IT assistance, and a headache? Are you looking for easy-to-use tools that allow you to analyze your JD Edwards data quickly and effectively?


Specialized or Niche vs. End-to-End Reporting and Business Intelligence Software Solutions

May 6, 2014   |   By Adam Crigger

When you go to a JD Edwards tradeshow primarily what you see on the exhibit floor is specialized or niche business intelligence reporting software solutions tailored for JD Edwards. We consider niche solutions to be restricted to JD Edwards, a module of JD Edwards or specific reporting or business intelligence function. Niche software applications are [...]


What are the Benefits of a Data Warehouse Over Live Reporting?

May 10, 2014   |   By Adam Crigger

Regardless of whether or not our customers report off Live data or our Operational Data Store (ODS), the reports and report development experience are the same. Therefore, the primary reasons, to pursue a data warehouse are if you have more than one production instance of JD Edwards or your need to integrate data from various [...]

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