When you go to a JD Edwards tradeshow primarily what you see on the exhibit floor is specialized or niche business intelligence reporting software solutions tailored for JD Edwards. We consider niche solutions to be restricted to JD Edwards, a module of JD Edwards or specific reporting or business intelligence function. Niche software applications are developed by firms to address specific challenges related to JD Edwards reporting such as adhoc querying of data, automation of a spreadsheet, or a forms program used specifically for AP checks, purchase orders, etc.

Due to their sound integration into JD Edwards and their quick ability to resolve your current challenges, niche solutions have instant appeal to customers. What niche solutions lack is the ability to become long-term investments that can accommodate future corporate requests for additional capabilities, such as the likes of this Web Application Company and others can develop and continue to update and install additional features when required by the business in question. True long-term strategies for Business Intelligence currently can only be accomplished by implementing an end-to-end reporting and business intelligence solution.

According to Gartner, Business Intelligence Platforms must include eight of the twelve capabilities listed below. We consider these solutions to be end-to-end business intelligence software solutions. If you would like to find out more about business intelligence you may want to visit resources that could assist you, for example, a site similar to https://www.klipfolio.com/resources/articles/what-is-business-intelligence.

Twelve Business Intelligence Capability Requirements

  • Integration
    • BI Infrastructure
    • Metadata Management
    • Development
    • Workflow and Collaboration
  • Information and Delivery Analysis
    • Reporting
    • Dashboards
    • Ad hoc Query
    • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Analysis
    • OLAP
    • Advanced Visualization
    • Predictive Modeling and data mining
    • Scorecards

The strength of end-to-end business intelligence solutions is the depth and breadth of capabilities and their agnostic approach to data sources that allow you to standardize on one business intelligence platform and address all information requests across all corporate systems. Many big companies like to use outsourced software development when they run into problems with their software solutiions. One advantage of niche solutions over end-to-end solutions is their ability to provide easy integration and jumpstart for JD Edwards specific requests while customers who implement end-to-end business intelligence software applications often have to build their JD Edwards content from scratch unless they can find it from another partner who specializes in that specific software application.

The ideal scenario would be to leverage all the advantages of the niche solution with the depth, breadth and flexibility that the end-to-end solutions provide. This would allow you to invest in a long-term strategy and provide you the ability to immediately address JD Edwards requirements but at the same time, lower your total cost of ownership by standardizing on a business intelligence solution for years to come.

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