Preferred Strategies Introduces QuickLaunch for Viewpoint ERP

Adam Crigger

By Adam Crigger  |  December 11, 2019

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QuickLaunch for Viewpoint powers digital transformation in the construction industry


Soquel, Calif. – Preferred Strategies, a leader in powering digital transformation in organizations that run on JD Edwards, today announced the availability of QuickLaunch for Viewpoint ERP Software. The combination of QuickLaunch, Microsoft® Power BI, and Viewpoint will transform how construction companies simplify and grow their businesses by becoming data-driven.

QuickLaunch for Viewpoint Vista delivers business insights from data and presents them in a meaningful way through Power BI. With QuickLaunch, construction company leadership and project managers can maximize the business value from their Viewpoint data. Finance managers can spot trends before they become expensive issues. Month-end and year-end close that used to take days can now be achieved in hours. Project management can analyze project costs and identify issues before they impact project profitability. Equipment fleet management use and expenses can be optimized to maximize efficiency. These are just a few examples of how QuickLaunch for Viewpoint is changing the way construction companies are looking at their data.


Extending Self-Service Data & Analytics to the Construction Industry

“We have helped many construction companies, built on JD Edwards ERP, with their digital transformation journey,” said Adam Crigger, Founder & President of Preferred Strategies. “With the dominance of Viewpoint in the construction industry, the introduction of QuickLaunch for Viewpoint was a logical extension of our product line.”

Construction companies are powering their digital transformation with Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch™ for Viewpoint. Vista data is connected via QuickLaunch to Microsoft Power BI and enables self-service access to common modules such as Job Cost and General Ledger reports and analytics in the office or at the job site. Customers can combine Vista data with third-party data such as CRM or field data to derive even more powerful insights. QuickLaunch supports Vista User Defined fields to ensure the accuracy of reports and analysis.


Partnering for Success

As part of the expansion into the Viewpoint market, Preferred Strategies has added two new partners to its rapidly growing partner ecosystem. Olsen Consulting, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, was founded in 2010 to specialize in delivering a one-stop shop consulting service for the software that powers the construction industry. Led by industry veteran, Lynn Coffey, ProCon Solutions, headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY, was founded in September 2012 with a vision of assisting construction companies through the tedious task of researching, implementing and managing construction software.



“We have been working with software in the construction industry for over two decades,” said Lynn Coffey, Owner, ProCon Solutions. “We are really impressed by what QuickLaunch brings to the industry. Many companies are now evaluating modern BI and Analytics solutions and the combination of QuickLaunch for Viewpoint and Power BI is unmatched.”



“Developing KPI dashboards that provide senior leadership with real-time insights on the health of their business can be technically challenging,” said Jon Olsen, CEO, Olsen Consulting. “QuickLaunch for Viewpoint makes the development of BI and analysis dramatically more simple. This allows for more insights to be delivered both in the office and formatted for mobile devices on the job site.”



QuickLaunch for Viewpoint is available now for Viewpoint Vista customers. Learn more here.


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Adam Crigger, President

Adam founded Preferred Strategies in 2002 with the business purpose of leading tier I ERP software customers in successful implementations of business intelligence software projects.

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