Mann Packing Streamlines Reporting & Analytics

July 31, 2017 | by Adam Crigger

To Be a Data Driven Organization….You Need Access to Data
Founded in 1939, Mann Packing is an industry-leading supplier of premium fresh vegetables, and a strong proponent of the use of data and analytics to make business decisions. However, Mann was experiencing big challenges with its JD Edwards ERP reporting. The legacy reporting system was cumbersome and labor intensive—and completely unable to provide the data needed to run the business efficiently.

QuickLaunch to the Rescue
Mann Packing looked to Preferred Strategies to help solve their JDE data access problems. Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch™ simplifies back-end JD Edwards data environments to accelerate the implementation of market-leading business intelligence and visualization software, such as Microsoft(R) Power BI for Mann Packing. Preferred Strategies implemented QuickLaunch in the cloud, instantly translating the cryptic JD Edwards ERP data model into a business-friendly format for analysis in Power BI.

“This is nirvana!” said Jeff Cook, CFO of Mann Packing. “We accomplished more with QuickLaunch and Power BI in five hours than we have with other systems in years.”

Learn more about how Mann Packing is using QuickLaunch and Power BI to streamline JDE reporting and analytics. Read the full case study.


Sample dashboard visualizations show the richness of data that can be easily displayed from JDE with QuickLaunch for PowerBI

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