Power BI Educational Series

How to Use JDE Data to Build a Competitive Advantage

Join our 4-part educational webinar series to finally discover what’s behind Power BI and JD Edwards and learn how you can quickly and easily extract the most value from your JD Edwards data. In these four bite-sized sessions you’ll learn the basics of Power BI, how Power BI can help you deploy analytics, and advantages of a data model approach.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform the way you connect to and extract value from your JD Edwards Data.

Session 1: The Basics of Power BI and Connecting to JD Edwards

  • Get to know Power BI
  • How to connect BI and JD Edwards
  • The basics of reporting

Session 2: Expanding JD Edwards Using the Power BI Platform

Discover new and improved options for deploying analytics:

  • Mobile
  • Workspaces and apps
  • Dashboards

Session 3: Advantages of a Data Model Approach When Connecting to JD Edwards Data

No data model? Learn why you’re missing out.

  • Data governance
  • In memory query performance
  • Additional data sources beyond JD Edwards

Session 4: Advanced Power BI and JDE: Creating Your Vision for Advanced Analytics

Uncover the power of advanced analytics to transform the way you access your JDE data.

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Journey

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