QuickLaunch Request for Pricing

Are you ready to be successful?

Getting started with our QuickLaunch Information Engine is quick and easy! Our solution pricing consists of:

  • Recurring Annual Subscription - The annual QuickLaunch subscription includes solution and technology updates, enhancements, and forward-thinking innovation.
  • Set Up and Implementation – The implementation of our QuickLaunch solution which delivers validated Data Models, mapped Power BI Reports and Dashboards over your ERP/CRM in weeks.
  • Training - The initial training will comprise of live, hands-on Author and Consumer knowledge transfer sessions over your live data to ensure your team understands how to successfully use the solution, and access to our exclusive Customer Community Site, which includes on-demand education training sessions and knowledge resources.

Implementing an information and knowledge strategy for your organization is hard, but an intelligent and innovative partner makes the journey shorter and more successful. At Preferred Strategies we don’t shy away from what is hard, we come right for it, and we succeed!


"We've gotten a three-year head start on our digital transformation journey by taking the modern BI approach with Preferred Strategies, instead of relying on a more traditional - and more time consuming and expensive - approach."

Bill Sandblom