• Create JDE Dashboards in Minutes for Business Insights

    Data visualizations are one of the most valuable ways that business leaders gain meaning from corporate information. If your business runs on JD Edwards then you’re sitting on a goldmine of information just waiting to be presented. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to use QuickLaunch for Power BI to create dashboards in minutes from JDE data.


  • Becoming Data Driven with Modern BI Technologies

    There’s a goldmine of data inside your JD Edwards system. But data is just a series of ones and zeroes without the tools to turn it into information. How do you mine your data to obtain actionable insights in a timely manner? How do you make data available across your organization in a safe, governed way? And finally, how do you incorporate machine learning and predictive analytics to take your reporting and analysis to the next level?


  • Machine Learning with JDE Data

    See how analytics tools like Microsoft® Power BI incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that integrate seamlessly with JDE using Preferred Strategies™ QuickLaunch. Presented by David Kettinger, Data Analytics Consultant, Preferred Strategies.


  • The Clif Bar Journey with Data

    Learn how Clif Bar implemented Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch for Microsoft® Power BI to empower business users to gain rapid, self-service reporting and business insights from the company’s data. Presented by Todd Wilson, SVP Information Technology, The Clif Bar Company.


  • How to Build JDE Dashboards in minutes that will get you noticed

    Data visualizations are one of the most valuable ways that business leaders gain meaning from corporate information. Visualizations help spot trends earlier and help business leaders to react sooner and plan for future business growth and profitability. If your business runs on J D Edwards then you’re sitting on a gold mine of information just waiting to be presented.


  • Mann Packing Streamlines Reporting & Analytics from JD Edwards

    Mann Packing has deployed QuickLaunch to provide self-service reporting & analytics across the company from the boardroom to the shipping department. Every aspect of their business is benefiting by giving more immediate access to data. Tom Langell, Director IT, at Mann Packing will describe their journey to self-service data and where they see this data agility taking them in the future.

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  • QuickLaunch for JD Edwards Powers Self-Service Finance Reporting & Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

    See for yourself how self-service financial reporting & analytics for JDE will rapidly speed up business insight and relieve IT of repetitive reporting tasks supporting your department. QuickLaunch for Microsoft Power BI is the perfect combination to deliver fast, accurate, intuitive financial visualizations quickly and easily.


  • Self-Service Sales and Distribution Reporting & Analytics for JD Edwards with QuickLaunch for Microsoft Power BI

    Self-service sales & distribution reporting is essential to have a clear picture of your sales activity by product, region, sales channel and a host of other sales & distribution related reports. Empowering your field reps to access data quickly and easily and pursue the best opportunities is another requirement for any business. Timely manufacturing insights are another critical factor for many businesses. QuickLaunch for Microsoft Power BI is an essential combination for delivering self-service reporting and analytics for JD Edwards.


  • Modern BI and Reporting Technology Trends Impacting JD Edwards Customers

    View this informative webinar that will give you a better understanding of how the latest technological trends according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics that was published in February of 2017. Understand how you can empower business users outside IT to gain immediate access to JD Edwards information in a format that is intuitive, easy to use, and automates current processes.


  • End Your JD Edwards Reporting Nightmares…Discover Why End Users Excel with Microsoft Power BI

    Are you looking for easy-to-use tools that provide actionable and interactive ways to analyze JD Edwards data? View this webinar recording to see why Microsoft Power BI is at the top of Gartner’s magic quadrant for BI and how you can use it along with other business applications like Excel to make the above objectives a reality.


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