Products Overview

Accelerate JD Edwards reporting and business intelligence implementations using market-leading enterprise software in combination with Preferred Strategies’ QuickLaunch solutions.

Data QuickLaunch

Data QuickLaunch accelerators transform the cryptic JD Edwards data model into a familiar, intuitive format business users can understand.

Data Warehouse
for JD Edwards

  • Star-schema design
  • Near-time JD Edwards data updates
  • Data structured for optimal query performance

Operational Data Store
for JD Edwards

  • Offload reporting from your JD Edwards transaction data
  • Replicated data store for JD Edwards
  • Near-time to JD Edwards data updates

Direct Connect with Data QuickViews
for JD Edwards

  • Real-time access to JD Edwards transaction data
  • Simplified JD Edwards schema for reporting and business intelligence
  • IT-lean approach with the lowest total cost of ownership

BI QuickLaunch

BI QuickLaunch accelerators consist of pre-built data models, templates, and canned reports for JD Edwards tailored for the front-end presentation layer of reporting and analytics software applications.

BI QuickLaunch Microsoft

Utilize the user friendly tools of Microsoft to gain immediate value with PowerBI in the cloud, on the desktop or connect Microsoft Excel pivot tables to real-time JD Edwards data.


BI QuickLaunch SAP BusinessObjects

Deploy a full suite of reporting and analytics capabilities with BusinessObjects’ flexible and scalable BI platform to more easily discover and share insights.


BI QuickLaunch Oracle BI and BI Publisher

Enhance JDE reporting with the Oracle BI Publisher and One View Reporting to empower users to create real-time, relevant reports with web-based report distribution.

Other Market-Leading BI Software: Qlik, Tableau, Cognos, Microstrategy, etc.

Easily connect other market leading BI tools to JD Edwards using one of the Data QuickLaunch: Data Warehouse, Operational Data Store, and Data QuickViews for JD Edwards.

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