Video Presentation: Considerations for your
JDE Self-Service Data Hosting Environment

To borrow a 1990's quote from Bill Gates, "I knew the Internet was going to be big - when it was." The same sentiment can now be applied to cloud computing. All three leading public cloud computing platforms; Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and GoogleCloud are going gangbusters. They are offering more storage, compute and bandwidth for less money as they compete for market share.

This is good for companies considering the retirement of expensive-to-maintain, legacy data warehouse platforms. There are a number of factors that may influence your decision making on where to host JDE data to provide the most impact on the business for the least investment.

  • The speed of data accessibility
  • The requirements to create a self-service data environment for business users
  • Data governance and security considerations
  • The need to support bespoke applications
  • How to support ETL functions to blend multiple data sources together
  • The requirement to support mobile data access for a geographically dispersed workforce.

This video will help you determine the best approach for you based on these and other factors. It also provides high-level functional block diagrams for the various deployment options.

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