Virtual Workshop: Using Modern Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Watch this Free Hands-On Workshop on Using Power BI with JD Edwards Data

There’s a goldmine of data inside your JD Edwards system. But data is just a series of ones and zeroes without the tools to turn it into information.

Watch this pre-recorded workshop to learn how to build interactive JD Edwards reports with Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch and Microsoft Power BI. Walk through a series of hands-on exercises to create reports for common JDE business scenarios. With Power BI in the cloud and sample sales data you'll learn how to build an interactive sales dashboards including key performance indicators (KPIs), sales variance analysis, and ways to analyze gross profit by product, customer, and more. See how to:

  • Develop reports using Power BI in the cloud
  • Connect to JD Edwards ERP data for reporting and analytics
  • Use self-service BI tools to create compelling reports and dashboards to analyze Sales and other related data

Here's a sample of the type of dashboard we'll build during the workshop:

Sample Power BI Dashboard


What you’ll need to participate in this virtual workshop

  • A solid Internet connection
  • A laptop or computer 
  • Ideally two monitors
  • Ideally Google Chrome as your browser

Here’s what you’ll learn

Objective 1: Connect to sample JD Edwards ERP data for reporting and analytics.

Objective 2: Learn about the modern; self-service approach to BI to easily create reports and dashboards for common business scenarios.

Objective 3: Leverage the cloud for collaboration and distribution of content.


Let’s talk.