Managing Content in Power BI to Drive User Adoption

Discover how to implement a proven content management strategy to help drive the adoption of Power BI in your organization.


As the Power BI platform continues to mature and organizations rapidly scale their PBI deployments, it is imperative to implement an effective content management strategy.

In this session, we will review best practices for developing, collaborating, and distributing content in Power BI. We will also share the latest enterprise features from the Power BI team that will help ensure you are implementing a strategy that can scale with your business needs.

This session is for users responsible for developing, testing, maintaining, and administering Power BI content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a basic understanding of different types of content in the Power BI ecosystem and how to manage them.
  • Learn how to manage Power BI production and development content with MSFT Teams, Sharepoint, and One Drive to enable a cloud based repository with version control.
  • Learn how to leverage the updated Workspaces in the Power BI service that unlocks usage metrics, shared datasets, and better user management.
  • Learn how to publish apps that end users can quickly consume to gain insights and take action.
  • Review the roadmap for Power BI features relating to content management.


Presented By:

David Kettinger
Data Analytics Consultant
Preferred Strategies


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