Optimizing JD Edwards User Defined Codes (UDCs) for Reporting & Analytics

Many companies have expanded the functionality of their JD Edwards databases by using the extensive Used Defined Code (UDC) capability. Because UDCs are very flexible, companies have a wide variety of choices in configuring them to meet specific business requirements.

In this demo-rich webinar we will walk through some lessons learned in the set-up and managing of UDC fields. Topics will include:

  • Set up consistency: How can you help insure that mandatory codes are set up accurately and uniformly?
  • Options for UDC codes: Flags, Text, Numbers - what are the strengths and weaknesses of each type?
  • Implications for building meaning into codes: Using multiple UDC fields to define data vs. a single UDC field.
  • Implications for end user tools: Sort Order. What will happen when you make changes in the future. How does the reporting tool interpret and sort your data?

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