QuickLaunch for JDE Software to Power Modern Reporting & Analytics

Become a Data-Driven Organization

McKinsey Global Institute recently reported that data-driven organizations are:

  • 23 times more likely to acquire customers.
  • Six times as likely to retain those customers.
  • 19 times as likely to be profitable

When data is made easily accessible to the person closest to the business challenge.

The QuickLaunch Difference

Nearly every JDE customer uses the Finance modules (AP/AR & GL) and QuickLaunch makes quick work of financial reporting and analytics. QuickLaunch works equally well with your operational role modules; Manufacturing, Sales, and Payroll/HR. QuickLaunch shines with specialized job function modules; Inventory Management and Procurement. And QuickLaunch also works in specialized industries such engineering and construction with the Job Costand Contract Billing modules and in agriculture and viniculture with our Grow & Blend module support.

One of the biggest challenges of JDE data is how unfriendly it is to business users. While the IT team may know that MCMCU stands for Business Unit and ABAN8 is actually the address number, if you are to become a data-driven organization you must extract that tribal knowledge and make your core JDE data more accessible to every business user.

Just because you are implementing a self-service data environment to enable your organization to become more data literate does not mean that you should relax your data governance and security policies. And the good news is with QuickLaunch you do not have to. We make your JDE data available to the authorized individuals or groups with support for Active Directory and ensure only authorized users can see the data that they have been given permission to view.

It is important when implementing a modern reporting and analytics strategy at your organization that you can demonstrate a quick win to your senior stake holders. QuickLaunch will help with our pre-built models that produce many of the KPI dashboards your management team will expect in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years for home-grown solutions.

Managing As of Aging financial reports can be particularly challenging when you are trying to close the books of a multi-divisional business whose divisions have grown through acquisition and are not on the same fiscal year as the parent organization. This traditional finance headache is a breeze with QuickLaunch which handles complex calendaring tasks without breaking a sweat.

Getting your arms around your JDE data is one thing but often to drive specific business insights you need to combine JDE data with other data sets. Traditionally this required complex Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes. With QuickLaunch on board transforming data becomes much easier which means you’ll see results sooner.

For many JDE based organizations deciding how to retire complex and expensive on premises data warehouses or data marts is an important strategic decision. QuickLaunch works equally well on premises, in the cloud or even in a hybrid environment. What’s more, QuickLaunch will add value to your migration to the cloud by making cloud-hosted JDE data more accessible to business users in-house or in the field via mobile devices. Everyone will be able to make data-driven decisions more quickly and transform your business.

Works great with

See the Difference in Action

Watch this on Demand Webinar that demonstrates the unique value of QuickLaunch powering JD Edwards reporting & analytics with Power BI


Support for All the Major JDE Modules

Delivering interactive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Power BI dashboards can be one of the best ways to show value with modern reporting & analytics.

Out of the box QuickLaunch provides dozens of pre-built reports matched to specific JDE modules so you can demonstrate value quickly to the organization.

Because of the limitation of legacy reporting solutions your organization may require hundreds of thousands of Excel reports. Translate all those into interactive dashboards quickly and easily with QuickLaunch.

Regardless of your department, role or operational group QuickLaunch will immediately add value in analyzing past performance and predicting the future of your business.

Governance & Security in a Self-Service Data Environment

Governing and securing a self-service analytics environment for JD Edwards and Power BI – get this best practices white paper.

QuickLaunch Deployment Options – which one is right for your organization?

Whether you directly connect your JD Edwards data to your reporting environment or run a data warehouse on premises or in the cloud, QuickLaunch will make it easy to access your data under a secure and governed environment. Watch this video that describes various deployment options to find out what the best approach is for your organization.


Make Verses Buy Decision Making Made Easy

Many organizations have very qualified IT departments with staff or freelance developers. The natural tendency is to want to build a reporting and analytics solution. There are so many factors that govern the in-house development and on-going support of such a system. Read our comprehensive report on calculating the Return on Investment for licensing a solution such as QuickLaunch – via the report access our online calculator so you can understand the impact on your organization.


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