Direct Connect with Data QuickViews for JD Edwards

Data QuickViews are a data accelerator that transform the JD Edwards data into a business-friendly format for Real-Time JD Edwards reporting over the JD Edwards transaction data or ODS.

The Power of the Data QuickViews

Data QuickViews are a suite of database views tailored for JD Edwards to provide customers with an intuitive data model to be used for reporting and analysis.

Quick Access to Data

Delivered for all supported JD Edwards database types (Oracle, iSeries, and SQL Server), Data QuickViews turn JD Edwards transactional data into a useable information for any query tool.

Simplify the JD Edwards Data Model

Data QuickViews overcome common JD Edwards data challenges by translating the cryptic data model for you:

  • JDE table names (F0101 => Dim Address)
  • JDE column names (MCMCU => Business Unit)
  • JDE Julian Dates (100031 = 1/31/2000)
  • Decimal precision
  • User Defined Codes
  • Subledgers
  • And more...

Immediate Time to Value

In a matter of minutes, JD Edwards customers can be up and running with Data QuickViews across all supported JD Edwards modules.

Flexible Pricing

Preferred Strategies Data QuickViews is the most cost-effective, IT-Lean approach to JD Edwards reporting and analysis. To learn more about pricing or the Preferred Strategies Trade-in program, visit our Pricing page.

Alternative Data QuickLaunch for JD Edwards Solutions

Preferred Strategies Data QuickLaunch accelerators are designed to work with all JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne versions.

Need more than direct connect reporting and analysis over JD Edwards data, learn more about Data QuickLaunch for JD Edwards alternatives from Preferred Strategies.

BI QuickLaunch for JD Edwards

BI QuickLaunch provides packaged front-end BI content tailored for JD Edwards using market leading reporting and analysis software applications.

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