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Preferred Strategies

What differentiates Preferred Strategies from other JD Edwards Reporting software solutions?

Preferred Strategies solution is unique in that it enables JD Edwards customers to use market-leading Reporting and Business Intelligence software tailored specifically for the JD Edwards ERP. This combination allows customers to attain the best software available on the market without having to spend months or years of effort to connect it to their JD Edwards data.

Preferred Strategies is more equipped to meet the objectives of Business Users, Finance, and IT than any other alternative.

With Preferred Strategies,

  1. Business Users can become self-sufficient with access to their JD Edwards with easy to use market leading reporting and analytics software
  2. Finance can shorten their month-end close cycle and deliver monthly interactive and drillable financial operating statements to management
  3. IT can standardize on a software platform to be used across all corporate data sources and with the right balance of IT governance, they can empower the business to build reports and analyze data without the assistance of IT

Is Preferred Strategies a “Product” or “Services” company?

Preferred Strategies is both a Product and Services company.

Products: Rather than develop our own Reporting/BI software application, with the internal domain knowledge of JD Edwards and best-practice reporting and analytics techniques, Preferred Strategies has developed “Data QuickLaunch” and “BI QuickLaunch”, Reporting and BI accelerators that deliver instant integration and content for JD Edwards customers to gain immediate value with market-leading reporting and analytics software applications.

Services: To ensure successful customer implementations, Preferred Strategies provides Installation, Configuration, Custom Report Writing, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehousing consulting and Training services.

My knowledge about JD Edwards reporting and business intelligence is extremely limited, can Preferred Strategies help?

Absolutely, the Preferred Strategies approach is very friendly and we understand that customers come in not only all sizes, but also various knowledge levels around JD Edwards, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, etc.

Please reach out to Preferred Strategies and a representative will be in contact with you to get started on understanding your current situation and provide the proper level of knowledge and understanding necessary so you can make informed decisions regarding your project.

QuickLaunch for JD Edwards

What is the difference between Data QuickLaunch and BI QuickLaunch?

Data QuickLaunch are back-end data foundation accelerators that transform JD Edwards data into an optimal format for Reporting and BI software applications. The three Data QuickLaunch accelerators are:

  1. Enterprise Data Warehouse for JD Edwards
  2. Operational Data Store for JD Edwards
  3. Direct Connect Data QuickViews for JD Edwards

BI QuickLaunch are front-end Reporting & BI accelerators that consist of Models, Templates, and Canned Reports tailored for JD Edwards for the market leading reporting and analytics software applications supported by Preferred Strategies.

How do you determine which Data QuickLaunch approach to select (Data Warehouse, ODS, Direct Connect)?

The Data Warehouse is designed for customers who want to create a dedicated data repository structured into a star schema design to achieve optimal query performance. The Data Warehouse is also the desired approach for customers who need to consolidate data across multiple instances of JD Edwards or tightly integrate JD Edwards and non JD Edwards data sources together.

The Operational Data Store is designed for customers who want to offload JD Edwards reporting and querying away from their JD Edwards transaction environment but do not want to implement a full scale Data Warehouse.

The Direct Connect is designed for customers who want to provide real-time reporting and querying of data against their transactional JD Edwards data.

With a little understanding of your current situation and intended Reporting/BI use cases, Preferred Strategies can help you determine which Data QuickLaunch approach will best fit your organization.

How often is the Data QuickLaunch Data Warehouse and Operational Data Store refreshed?

Preferred Strategies leverages SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the Extract, Transform, and Load software to populate the Operational Data Store and Data Warehouse.

Using a near-time incremental data movement approach, the JD Edwards ODS and Data Warehouse are typically updated with a 2-10 minute lag behind JD Edwards transaction data.

For JD Edwards customers running on an iSeries or Oracle database, Preferred Strategies uses third party replication software from Hit Software (DB Moto) or Attunity (Replicate) to populate and update the operational data store.

How do you determine which Reporting and Business Intelligence software application to select?

Selecting the right market-leading reporting and analytics software application depends upon the Reporting/BI use cases you require. (Example Use Cases are: Reporting | Ad hoc Query | Data Discovery | Microsoft Office Integration | Mobile BI | BI Platform)

SAP BusinessObjects, as the market-share leader is a great all around Reporting/BI application to be used across all use cases. BusinessObjects created the concept of a BI semantic layer called a Universe that provides the perfect balance of governance leveraged across all use cases throughout the organization. From Financial and Operational Reporting with Crystal Reports, to Ad hoc Business Query with Web Intelligence and Data Discovery with Lumira, BusinessObjects is a perfect software for organizations with the widest array of Reporting and BI requirements.

Microsoft BI is a great cost-effective analytics solution delivering ad hoc query capabilities with Excel using PowerPivot (a free Microsoft Excel add-in), Data Discovery with PowerBI (a free desktop designer) with delivery options in the cloud. SQL Server Analysis Services provide in-memory Tabular models that can be leveraged across Microsoft Excel, PowerBI, Microsoft Reporting Services, as well as other non-Microsoft products such as Tableau.

Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise (BIP), is a cost effective solution that leverages current JD Edwards licenses. BIP Enterprise leverages the same reporting foundation as One View Reporting. BIP provides a flexible data modelling layer that uses JDBC connectivity to JDE data which allows customers to develop reports across multiple JD Edwards modules. Customers looking to leverage Oracle licensing to address Financial and Operational Reporting may consider BI Publisher Enterprise as a report authoring and distribution platform.

Qlik, is a market leader with a specialty in Data Discovery providing visualizations and analytics to customers. Leveraging the Qlik in-memory indexing engine, data is consumed and related so business users can explore data visually and interactively on their own.

How long does it take to implement a Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solution?

Preferred Strategies has spent thousands of hours developing QuickLaunch so customers can realize immediate benefits without waiting months for results. The length of time to install and configure QuickLaunch depends on the solution as well as how many JD Edwards modules are implemented. Typically, the installation of QuickLaunch takes one to five days while a full configuration may take a couple weeks.

If you already have a market leading BI and Reporting software why do you need QuickLaunch?

QuickLaunch is great for customers who are already using market leading Reporting and Business Intelligence software application, but have not been able to successfully connect it to JD Edwards data.

The largest cost of ownership associated with a Reporting and BI implementation is the time, resources, experience, and expense required to build out effective BI metadata, reports, and other BI content. QuickLaunch provides this metadata layer, reports and BI content for JD Edwards so customers can gain immediate results and improve customer satisfaction levels with existing implementations.


How much does a Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solution cost?

QuickLaunch is competitively priced, however, the pricing depends upon which QuickLaunch content you select.

QuickLaunch is packaged and sold by JD Edwards module with tiered user pricing.

Preferred Strategies also has a trade-in discount program for customers looking to convert from a current JD Edwards reporting tool to QuickLaunch.

How much does it cost to implement Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solutions?

Preferred Strategies installation services are included in the QuickLaunch pricing so if it takes longer to implement, the cost to you does not increase.

Can market-leading Reporting & BI software be purchased through Preferred Strategies?

Yes, Preferred Strategies is partnered with market-leading software providers to resell their Reporting and Analytics software. Preferred Strategies can provide a consolidated proposal for the BI software, QuickLaunch, and any additional services requested to meet customer requirements and objectives.

Supported Software Versions

What versions of JD Edwards does Preferred Strategies support?

Preferred Strategies supports all versions of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

What JD Edwards source database types does Preferred Strategies support?

Preferred Strategies supports JD Edwards database environments running on Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2.

Does Preferred Strategies support non JD Edwards data sources?

QuickLaunch is tailored for JD Edwards, but market leading Reporting and Business Intelligence software applications used by Preferred Strategies are agnostic to data source.

The techniques utilized in QuickLaunch can be applied to any data source. If you have non JD Edwards data that you need to report on, Preferred Strategies can help you connect to it so it can be included in your Reporting / Business Intelligence implementation.

What JD Edwards modules does Preferred Strategies support?

Preferred Strategies is always expanding the list of supported JD Edwards modules based on customer demand.   Currently Preferred Strategies supports the following JD Edwards modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Human Resources/Payroll
  • Job Cost
  • Contract Billing
  • Property Management
  • Transportation

If you are interested in a JD Edwards module that is not listed above, please send a request to Preferred Strategies for more information.

What Reporting and Business Intelligence tools does Preferred Strategies BI QuickLaunch support?

Currently, Preferred Strategies delivers BI QuickLaunch content for the following front-end Reporting and BI applications:

  1. SAP BusinessObjects & Crystal Reports
  2. Microsoft BI (PowerPivot & PowerBI)
  3. Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise

What if you want to use a software not currently supported by Preferred Strategies BI QuickLaunch?

If you are looking to use a software application that Preferred Strategies has not yet developed BI QuickLaunch content for, you can use Data QuickLaunch as an accelerator.

Data QuickLaunch is agnostic to reporting and business intelligence software and it can be used by virtually any Reporting/BI software application.

Preferred Strategies is always considering future applications to support, if you are using a different application, contact Preferred Strategies to determine if a BI QuickLaunch solution is currently in the works.

Time Savings, Benefits, and Customization

How much development time does QuickLaunch save you?

There are two ways to answer this question, the first is how much development time QuickLaunch would save if you were tasked to develop your own BI content comparable to QuickLaunch. The second is how much development time QuickLaunch can save you on an ongoing report development basis.

Development time in building a QuickLaunch type offering: Developing QuickLaunch content requires a unique skillset with expertise regarding database SQL, Business Intelligence applications, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, JD Edwards Technical and Functional areas. Assuming you had the right resources internally and wanted to develop a QuickLaunch type solution if you spent anywhere near the 50,000+ hours Preferred Strategies has coded towards QuickLaunch development, it would takes months or years to develop and cost millions of dollars.

Development time on ongoing report development: Preferred Strategies customers have suggested that QuickLaunch can save up to 75-80% of the development time spent on reports. If an analyst spends 2 hours developing a report using QuickLaunch, they could easily spend 8 hours or more without it. That would equate to 300 hours saved for 100 hours of development time and 3,000 hours saved for each 1,000 hours of development time, etc.

In reality, most companies do not have the full spectrum of internal skillsets to develop a solution comparable to QuickLaunch which would require them to augment their internal resources with costly consultants in order to get a market leading reporting and business intelligence software application off the ground.

Is it easy enough for business users to use?

Over the past several years, Business Users have driven the need for software vendors to offer easier to use reporting and analysis tools that will enable them to become self-sufficient with less reliance on IT resources.

The market-leading software vendors supported by Preferred Strategies provide not only easy to use, drag and drop software but also very powerful solutions that are designed precisely for the business.

QuickLaunch is the component that simplifies the business user experience even more because it addresses the most complicated factors of reporting and analysis that JD Edwards customers encounter.

Can customers modify QuickLaunch?

Modifying and tailoring QuickLaunch to meet your needs is strongly encouraged, in fact as part of the out-of-box installation, Preferred Strategies will customize QuickLaunch to your JD Edwards category naming conventions, criteria for pre-calculated objects for Revenue, Gross Profit, etc.

How do you deal with custom JD Edwards tables?

As any out-of-box solution would not have already tailored content over JD Edwards custom tables. QuickLaunch content can be modified to include custom JDE tables.

If customers need help adding custom tables, renaming fields, swapping out tables, etc. Preferred Strategies can assist.

Will you come on site to work or do you work remotely?

With the improvements in remote desktop technology over the past decade, onsite engagements are required much less frequently than in years past. Preferred Strategies performs nearly all installation, configuration and consulting services remotely. Onsite engagements still occur upon customer request, but primarily are used for strategy or training to be performed on the customer site using the customer data.

Training Options

What training options does Preferred Strategies offer?

All Preferred Strategies training is tailored for JD Edwards using QuickLaunch solutions. Preferred Strategies provides the following training options for customers.

  1. Instructor Led Training (Onsite or Remote) – Preferred Strategies can deliver our standard training curriculum in-person or virtually.  These sessions are conducted on your system, over your data to enhance the learning experience.   Both delivery options are proven to be effective,  it all comes down to what works for your learners. 
  2. Custom Workshops – If a customer has a specific need outside the scope of an existing Preferred Strategies training class, a custom workshop can be provided virtually or onsite.
  3. QuickLaunch Academy (On-demand learning) – Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch Academy, offers an online option to view instructor exercises via video screen capture via our Customer Community site. Our virtual academy introduces learners to key concepts of the QuickLaunch solution at their own pace.
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