Preferred Strategies

What differentiates Preferred Strategies from other JD Edwards Reporting software solutions?

Is Preferred Strategies a “Product” or “Services” company?

My knowledge about JD Edwards reporting and business intelligence is extremely limited, can Preferred Strategies help?

QuickLaunch for JD Edwards

What is the difference between Data QuickLaunch and BI QuickLaunch?

How do you determine which Data QuickLaunch approach to select (Data Warehouse, ODS, Direct Connect)?

How often is the Data QuickLaunch Data Warehouse and Operational Data Store refreshed?

How do you determine which Reporting and Business Intelligence software application to select?

How long does it take to implement a Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solution?

If you already have a market leading BI and Reporting software why do you need QuickLaunch?


How much does a Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solution cost?

How much does it cost to implement Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch solutions?

Can market-leading Reporting & BI software be purchased through Preferred Strategies?

Supported Software Versions

What versions of JD Edwards does Preferred Strategies support?

What JD Edwards source database types does Preferred Strategies support?

Does Preferred Strategies support non JD Edwards data sources?

What JD Edwards modules does Preferred Strategies support?

What Reporting and Business Intelligence tools does Preferred Strategies BI QuickLaunch support?

What if you want to use a software not currently supported by Preferred Strategies BI QuickLaunch?

Time Savings, Benefits, and Customization

How much development time does QuickLaunch save you?

Is it easy enough for business users to use?

Can customers modify QuickLaunch?

How do you deal with custom JD Edwards tables?

Will you come on sight to work or do you work remotely?

Training Options

What training options does Preferred Strategies offer?

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