Data Trust: Eliminating Human Error with Power BI

By Tytanium Ideas  |  November 17, 2022

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If you’re already making business decisions based on the data and analytics you’re collecting, that’s great. But how trustworthy is that information? Ask yourself, how was that data collected in the first place?

If the data was put in manually by your employees, you have to admit there could be some level of human error. All it takes is one typo, and your data no longer serves you. Mistakes do happen, even with the best employees. 

These mistakes can be costly to your business. Depending on your business, these mistakes could be disastrous

Power BI is the tool companies use to ensure a human error is not skewing data. This one tool can validate data across multiple sources. And when you couple it with a governed data model, it will drive up your analytic efficiencies across your business. 

You can automatically upload information from a huge list of sources into one database using Power BI. Once there, your employees can easily access the data they need to do their jobs. 

So, if there were one tool you could use that would make your business more innovative and more successful, wouldn’t you invest in it? All it takes is connecting Power BI with the Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, or Viewpoint technologies that you are already using to collect data.


Fully Trust Your Data with Power BI

Best explained by Microsoft, “Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to help you create, share, and consume business insights in the way that serves you and your business most effectively.” And one of its key benefits is its ability to deliver data you can trust without human error.

According to one report, lousy data costs U.S. businesses $600 billion a year. This same article cites another source that says analysts spend 40% of their time on the job vetting data and fixing incorrect data. Between paying the person to manually input the data and paying someone else to vet it and correct it, that’s a lot of time and money.

When you have a person manually entering the data, there are numerous ways they can incorrectly enter that data. Sometimes, it’s ambiguity. For example, you want the data entered as a day, month, or year, and for some reason, they enter it as a month, day, or year. Or maybe the problem is the data is poorly organized, which makes it hard to interpret. Or, there are inconsistencies because teams enter the information differently or someone keeps changing their mind about how the data should be documented. All of these things are significant issues when manually entering data. But these are not issues when using Power BI to upload and sort your data.

For all the data you have already manually input, say in an Excel spreadsheet, it can then be connected to Power BI. Power BI connects to the data source and visually displays it for you in a way that lets you quickly see what’s important to you.

For most businesses, though, the fact that Power BI can eliminate human error by uploading data directly from the source itself is enough of a win. It’s software that gives business owners peace of mind. And when you’re running a business, peace of mind is everything. 

Power BI gives you the return on your investment you need, so you can keep investing in others you need, such as growing your business. 


Help Your Bottom Line By Eliminating Data Entry Error

Power BI helps your bottom line because there is less time spent working on data, and the data is more reliable. Here are the biggest takeaways on how using Power BI to eliminate human error can help your business:

  • Reduce labor costs (no more paying someone to input the data manually)
  • Data you can trust for making strategic decisions
  • Recover lost profits

Preferred Strategies can help you eliminate human data error by implementing Power BI services into your technologies. Our QuickLaunch for Power BI empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that will lead them to evolve into the business they want to be.

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